Cabinet Ministers

Heather Stefanson  

The Honourable Heather Stefanson

Cliff Cullen  

Honourable Cliff Cullen


Ralph Eichler


Honourable Kelvin Goertzen

  • Minister of Justice and Attorney General
  • Minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)
Cameron Friesen  

Honourable Cameron Friesen


Scott Fielding


Honourable Scott Fielding

  • Minister of Natural Resources and Northern Development
  • Minister responsible for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL)
Eileen Clarke  

Honourable Eileen Clarke

Rochelle Squires  

Honourable Rochelle Squires


Jeff Wharton


Honourable Jeff Wharton

Reg Helwer  

Honourable Reg Helwer


Sarah Guillemard


Honourable Sarah Guillemard

  • Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness

Wayne Ewasko


Honourable Wayne Ewasko

  • Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning
Derek Johnson

Honourable Derek Johnson

Audrey Gordon  

Honourable Audrey Gordon

Alan Lagimodiere  

Honourable Alan Lagimodiere

Jon Reyes  

Honourable Jon Reyes

  • Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration
Doyle Piwniuk  

Honourable Doyle Piwniuk

Scott Johnston  

Honourable Scott Johnston

Andrew Smith  

Honourable Andrew Smith